Sentence Examples with the word fortunate

The mismanagement of the war broke down the Aberdeen government in 1855, and then Disraeli had the mortification of seeing a fortunate chance of return to office lost by the timidity and distrust of his chief, Lord Derby - the distrust too clearly including the under-valuation of Disraeli himself.

He used for the decoration of his own city the money furnished by the Athenian allies for defence against Persia: it is very fortunate that after the time of Xerxes Persia made no deliberate attempt against Greece.

But this state of affairs was too insecure even for these rovers, and they would speedily have succumbed had not a refuge been found for them by the fortunate conquest of Jamaica in 1655 by the navy of the English Commonwealth.

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Sigismund, more fortunate than the Polish kings, seems to have had little trouble with his diets.

The choice of his governor, the patriotic historiographer Hans Svaning, was so far fortunate that it ensured the devotion of the future king of Denmark to everything Danish; but Svaning was a poor pedagogue, and the wild and wayward lad suffered all his life from the defects of his early training.

Pietersen was also fortunate during a typically belligerent conversation that Flintoff would have a declaration to mull over.

It was by its constant reliance on monachism that the papacy of the 12th century had attained this result, and the popes of that period were especially fortunate in having for their champion the monk St Bernard, whose admirable qualities enabled him to dominate public q P opinion.

They had been as fortunate as the little boy who said he came very near seeing a rabbit--he saw his tracks.

With so many people in their house, it was fortunate that the weather was warm and dry so they could utilize the courtyard for the children.

I consider myself fortunate to have such a subordinate by me.