Sentence Examples with the word fortitude

Year after year he lay patiently in a dungeon, compared with which the worst prison now to be found in the island is a palace.2 His fortitude is the more extraordinary because his domestic feelings were unusually strong.

In this sense, fortitude is a special virtue; it is the virtue of courage in adversity.

Several of the more important fragments are found in Cicero, who expresses a great admiration for their manly fortitude and dignified pathos.

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Alexander returned to his see triumphant, but died soon after, and was succeeded by Athanasius, his deacon, with whose indomitable fortitude and strange vicissitudes the further course of the controversy is bound up.

He showed fortitude in the face of a hostile society.

The chief suburbs are Kangaroo Point, Fortitude Valley, New Farm, Red Hill, Paddington, Milton, Toowong, Breakfast Creek, Bulimba, Woolloongabba, Highgate Hill and Indooroopilly.

By batting for nearly nine hours in the match he displayed a fortitude to match anything achieved in his previous 78 tests.

Judson was perhaps the greatest, as he was practically the first, of the many missionaries sent from the United States into foreign fields; his fervour, his devotion to duty, and his fortitude in the face of danger mark him as the prototype of the American missionary.

But at length, such calamities did ensue in these assaults--not restricted to sprained wrists and ankles, broken limbs, or devouring amputations--but fatal to the last degree of fatality; those repeated disastrous repulses, all accumulating and piling their terrors upon Moby Dick; those things had gone far to shake the fortitude of many brave hunters, to whom the story of the White Whale had eventually come.

He therefore exhibits fortitude in its clearest and most perfect form.