Sentence Examples with the word fortieth

No bill or joint resolution may be introduced at a regular session after its fortieth day except at the request of the governor.

Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel); G.

Iii.; Clarence King and others in the Report of the Fortieth Parallel Survey (U.S. Geol.

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Thus it happened that, in the fortieth year of Akbar's reign, the empire had more than regained all that it had lost, the recovered provinces being reduced, not to subjection only as before, but to a great degree of peace, order and contentment.

Eight editions of the pamphlet appeared in 1602, and the fortieth edition before the end of the following century.

On the fortieth day from birth another rite is prescribed, of churching the child, which is now taken into the church with its mother.

The kings death was unexpected: he was only in his fortieth year, and mens minds had not even begun to ponder over, the question of who would succeed him.

Tyre revolted in the seventh year of his reign, and was besieged for thirteen years; a contract-tablet dated in his fortieth year shows that at that time it was under Babylonian officials.

In 1876, in his fortieth year, he was encouraged by the change in taste to publish a volume of realistic stories, Country Life, and in 1878 a novel, Without a Centre.

He published, besides many orations, a History of the Anti-Slavery Measures of the Thirty-Seventh and Thirty-Eighth United States Congresses (1865); Military Measures of the United States Congress (1868); a History of the Reconstruction Measures of the Thirty-Ninth and Fortieth Congresses (1868) and a History of the Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America (3 vols., 1872-1875), his most important work.