Sentence Examples with the word forsaking

When you forsake divine code, it has a way of forsaking you.

De Goeje in 1864 (Memoires sur la conquete de la Syrie, 2nd ed., aeiden, 1900), led to the conclusion that Wagidi's chronology is sound as regards the main events, and that later historians have gone astray by forsaking his guidance.

I realized what the Orientals mean by contemplation and the forsaking of works.

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Augustine's City of God, published in 426, was an apologetic, not an historical work, but it had great influence in our field, for in it he undertook to answer the common heathen accusation that the growing misfortunes of the empire were due to the prevalence of Christianity and the forsaking of the gods of Rome.

From Giant's Castle to 1'lont-auxSources, in which, forsaking their general direction, the Drakensberg run S.E.

It was not easy to execute this change of front with dignity, and impossible to do so without forsaking the principles on which they had hitherto acted.

But his father, forsaking that trade, took to farming at an unpropitious time.

The vain attempts of the Gironde to reconcile the king and the Revolution, the ill-advised decree of the Assembly on the 8th of August, freeing La Fayette from his guilt in forsaking his army; his refusal to vote for the deposition of the king, and the suspected treachery of the court, led to the success of the republican forces when, on the 10th of August, the mob of Paris organized by the revolutionary Commune rose against the monarchy.

Between invasion and home discontent, the tyrant was all but lost; but the Spartan Pharacidas stood his friend; the Carthaginians again suffered from pestilence in the marshes of Lysimelia; and after a masterly combined attack by land and sea by Dionysius Himilco went away utterly defeated, taking with him his Carthaginian troops and forsaking his allies.

But this would have meant forsaking one of his ships, and Cradock was not the man to take this course.