Sentence Examples with the word formulated

It is generally stated that this argument was for the first time definitely formulated in Aristotle's philosophy.

Soc., 1906, 89, p. 1787) have disputed the correctness of this explanation, and the latter has prepared melliteins and pyromelliteins, which are highly-coloured compounds produced from mellitic and pyromellitic acids, and which cannot be formulated as quinones.

He did not obey the laws of I linear perspective as they are formulated in the Occident, nor did he show cast shadows, but his aerial perspective and his foreshortening left nothing to be desired.

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As a formulated creed, the Druse system is not a thousand years old.

Greek philosophy for our purpose begins with Socrates, who formulated the Design Argument.

It was at such an inopportune time that the most extensive combination of Labour yet brought into action against capital formulated its demands.

The Latin Church, which, by combining the tradition of the Roman centralized organization with a great elasticity in practice and in the interpretation of doctrine, had hitherto been the moulding force of civilization in the West, is henceforth more or less in antagonism to that civilization, which advances in all its branches - in science, in literature, in art - to a greater or less degree outside of and in spite of her, until in its ultimate and most characteristic developments it falls under the formal condemnation of the pope, formulated in the famous Syllabus of 1864.

The latter formulated his theory of beauty.

After half a century of rural disquiet, the rights of the cultivators were at length carefully formulated by Act X.

As every attempt to rationalize nature implies a certain process of criticism and interpretation to which the data of sense are subjected, and in which they are, as it were, transcended, the antithesis of reason and sense is formulated early in the history of speculation.