Sentence Examples with the word forked

I made my way through a shower of petals to the great trunk and for one minute stood irresolute; then, putting my foot in the broad space between the forked branches, I pulled myself up into the tree.

It consists of a comparatively small and repeatedly forked axis bearing in each fork a flower; the flowers, which are regarded as male and female, appear to be similar to those of Bennettites.

The fish resembles a sprat in having a forked tail and a single dorsal fin, but the body is round and slender.

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He forked a steak off the serving tray and handed the tray to her.

Blades forked at the larger end, and separated about one-sixteenth of an inch from each other by winding cotton thread between them, the whole being also bound together by thread, and the protrusion of the points being restricted to one-twelfth of an inch, by which the depth of the incision is limited.

In Sphenophyllum majus, where the cones are less sharply defined, the forked bract bears a group of four sporangia at the bifurcations, but their mode of insertion has not yet been made out.

Each division of the tricarpellary ovary of Jatropha Curcas has a bifurcate or forked style, and the ovary of Emblica officinalis has three styles, each of which is twice forked.

Selby, properly belonging, at least in the Fame Islands, to the species known by the book-name of Sandwich tern, all the others being those called sea-swallows - a name still most commonly given to the whole group throughout Britain from their long wings, forked tail and marine habit.

About the middle of the 13th century, the cross with horizontal arms begins to appear on the back of the vestment, and by the 15th this had become the most usual form, though the forked cross also survived - e.g.

Hunting Weapons.The forked lance of flint was at first wide with stTght hollow (73) from S.D.