Sentence Examples with the word fork

She gnawed at her lower lip and twisted a fork in her eggs.

She twisted her fork in her mashed potatoes.

Finally she put down her fork and gave up the pretense.

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Intermittent illumination, however, with frequency equal to that of the fork shows at once that the jet is really broken up into drops, one for each vibration, and that these move over in a steady procession.

The amplitude of the fork was observed when the sound just ceased to be audible at 27.4 metres away, and the rate of energy emission from the resonator was calculated to be 42 .

They retraced their steps until they reached another fork in the tunnel.

In vascular acotyledonous plants there is frequently a tendency to fork exhibited by the fibro-vascular bundles in the leaf; and when this is the case we have f ork-veined leaves.

The energy of this fork with a given amplitude of vibration could be calculated from its dimensions and elasticity, and the amplitude was observed by measuring with a microscope the line into which the image of a starch grain on the prong was drawn by the vibration.

ANDERSON, a city and the county-seat of Madison county, Indiana, U.S.A., situated on the west fork of the White river, about 35 m.

Alex put down his fork and leaned back in his chair, studying her.