Sentence Examples with the word foretaste

Chaucer's poetry, which owed so much to Italian examples, gave an early foretaste of the former.

His love of the woodland and his political fervour often remind us of Shelley, and his delicate perception of Hellenic beauty, and the perfume of Greek legend, give us almost a foretaste of Keats.

So you see, I had a foretaste of the pleasure which I hope some day to have of visiting Florence.

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In the constitution of the Jomborg state and again in that of the eastern Vaerings (a Scandinavian body in the service of the East Roman Empire) we see a constitution which looks like the foretaste of that of the Templars or the Teutonic Knights.

It was in itself a foretaste of resurrection, and the puzzled disciples remembered that the scribes declared that before the resurrection Elijah would appear.

The boy had a bitter foretaste of life.

This impartial severity was a foretaste of Kuprili's rule, which was characterized throughout by a vigour which belied the expectations based upon his advanced years, and by a ruthlessness which in time grew to be almost blood-lust.

This explains the retention of Italy, imposed on the Directory from 1796 onward, followed by his criminal treatment of Venice, the foundation of the Cisalpine republica foretaste of future annexatiofis the restoration of that republic after his return from Egypt, and in view of his as yet inchoate designs, the postponed solution of the Italian problem which the treaty of Lunville bad raised.

Was but a foretaste of the discrepancy between the Commons and the nation, which was to prove the marked feature of the middle of the century now opening.