Sentence Examples with the word forestry

The government maintains experimental farms and forestry plantations and a veterinary department to cope with lung sickness, rinderpest, East Coast fever and such like diseases.

Cattlerearing and forestry form the other principal occupations of the inhabitants.

Special areas have been set apart on which no timber may be cut, and on which the problems of scientific forestry may be studied.

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To prevent the gradual destruction of the forests by unskilful management and depredations, schools of forestry have been founded, and means have been taken for regulating the cutting of wood and for replanting districts that have been partially denuded.

Within sixty years this area had declined to 734,490 acres, but with renewed attention to forestry and encouragement of planting the area had grown in 1895 to 878,675 acres; by 1905, however, the acreage was practically unchanged.

Other schools of the same class are the Gerard Adriaan van Swieten schools of agriculture, gardening and forestry in Drente, the school of instruction in butter and cheese making (zuivelbereiding) at Bolsward and the state veterinary college at Utrecht.

A state college of forestry was established in connexion with the university in 1898, but was discontinued after several years.

The state has forest reserves (918,000 acres in 1910) in 26 counties, the largest areas being in Potter, Clinton, Center, Cameron, Lycoming, Huntingdon, Union and Mifflin counties; and there is an efficient department of forestry under a state commissioner of forestry.

It has a Protestant church, a hydropathic establishment, and the oldest academy of forestry in Germany (founded by Heinrich Cotta in 1811) with about sixty students.

The famous school of forestry at Tharandt was founded in 1811.