Sentence Examples with the word forestall

Still refused to grant; he therefore essayed diplomacy, not arms. Nevertheless, to forestall the rescue of the pope by Austrian troops, he sent, in August 1849, an army corps under Oudinot to Civita Vecchia.

His wild extravagance, however, forced his father to forestall his creditors by securing his detention in semi-exile in the country, where he wrote his earliest extant work, the Essai sur le despotisme.

Mohallab tried to forestall them at Kufa.

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A rapid British attack would in any case forestall the concentration of these heterogeneous squadrons.

The base-notion is that the spirits, if they are given their due, will make a return to man: the object of the recurring annual festivals is to propitiate them and forestall any hostile intention by putting them, as it were, in debt to man - more rarely to express gratitude for benefits received.

The French remedy for an unsuccessful colony has always been to annex more territory, and forestall a possible rival.

It was undertaken at the request of Joannes Froben (Frobenius), the printer of Basel, who had heard of Cardinal Ximenes' project and wished to forestall it.

If he reached Znaim before the French, there would be great hope of saving the army; to let the French forestall him at Znaim meant the exposure of his whole army to a disgrace such as that of Ulm, or to utter destruction.

A Portuguese force under Major Serpa Pinto had invaded the II., - Shire highlands in order to forestall their annexation by the British, and the British government demanded satisfaction.

Determined to forestall the possible indignity of the The subordination of his family to an upstart dynasty.