Sentence Examples with the word foreshadow

All this seemed to foreshadow the creation of a Balkan confederation hostile to Turkey, and the sultan had reason to feel alarmed.

Psychology is inseparably linked with physiology; and the phases of social life exhibited by animals other than man, which sometimes curiously foreshadow human policy, fall strictly within the province of the biologist.

They attained the highest degree of structural complexity in the Bennettiteae, which have been thought even to foreshadow a floral organization.

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The low Atlantic coast and the hilly or mountainous Pacific coast foreshadow the leading features in the distribution of mountains within the United States.

Occasionally these Jewish writings were re-edited or adapted to their new readers by Christian additions, but on the whole it was found sufficient to submit them to a system of reinterpretation in order to make them testify to the truth of Christianity and foreshadow its ultimate destinies.

This design change may also foreshadow the tastes of the upcoming overhaul for the Fiat, which is expected in 2015.

However, there are reasons why a rise in heterosexual STIS need not foreshadow a rise in heterosexual HIV.

The first leaves borne on the seedling axis are often scalelike, and these are followed by two or more larger laminae, which foreshadow the pinnae of the adult frond.

His view of the relation of God to his creatures is held to foreshadow the pantheism of Spinoza.