Sentence Examples with the word forensic

In this he defended the forensic aspect of the gospel.

Vated by the general decline, during the last two centuries, of the level of forensic and judicial learning.

He has that power of concise and lucid narration, of terse reasoning, of persuasive appeal, which is required by the forensic speaker.

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A forensic speech, composed for a public cause, opens the political career of Demosthenes with a protest against a signal abuse.

His formally political speeches must never be considered apart from his forensic speeches in public causes.

The first and second books of the Rhetorica treat of inventio and forensic rhetoric; the third, of dispositio, pronuntiatio, memoria, deliberative and demonstrative rhetoric; the fourth, of elocutio.

But though he attained a fair practice at the bar, and was recognized as a lawyer of unusual mental distinction and clarity, his forensic success was not nearly so conspicuous as that of some of his contemporaries.

He very rapidly acquired a large practice, and after taking silk in 1842 he gained a reputation for forensic oratory surpassing that of all his contemporaries, and rivalling that of his most famous predecessors of the 18th century.

Progress in forensic chemistry was only possible after the reactions of poisons had been systematized; a subject which has been worked out by many investigators, of whom we notice K.

It is not logically distinguishable from the halakha, for the latter or forensic element makes up with the haggada the Midrash, but, being more popular than the halakha, is often itself styled the Midrash.