Sentence Examples with the word foreign policy

As foreign policy it was inglorious, and involved a departure from Edward's earlier plan of a Burgundian alliance.

During the first half of his government he materially strengthened the Tudor monarchy by the vigorous administration of justice at home and by the brilliance of his foreign policy abroad.

His acceptance was construed as a security against the suspicion of weakness abroad which the Liberal party had incurred by their foreign policy during the 'eighties.

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Like the Commons, too, he wished to embark on a foreign policy hostile to France.

They continued to support him, even if they did not get from him all that they could have wished, and the Czechs acquiesced in a foreign policy with which they had little sympathy.

Being strongly in favour of peace, Pelham carried on the war with languor and indifferent success, but the country, wearied of the interminable struggle, was disposed to acquiesce in his foreign policy almost without a murmur.

And would not make up his mind to sanction operations which, at the cost of a few hundred lives, would have saved thousands who perished miserably of disease.2 These then were the leading principles which underlay Nicholas's domestic and foreign policy from first to last: to discipline Russia, and by means of a disciplined Russia to discipline the world.

Adams, The Influence of Grenville on Pitt's Foreign Policy (Washington, 1904).

In his foreign policy Pericles differs from those statesmen of previous generations who sought above all the welfare of Greece as a whole.

During this reign the foreign policy of Hanover both within and without Germany had been coloured by jealousy of Prussia and by the king's autocratic ideas.