Sentence Examples with the word forefront

An image of Darkyn appeared forefront before the images swirled and began to play a disjointed movie.

So important is this position in Buddhism that it is put in the forefront of Buddhist expositions of Buddhism.

In the forefront of the new movement are to be found men like Yoneharu Unkai and Shinkai Taketaro; the former chiselled a figure of Jenner for the Medical Association of Japan when they celebrated the centenary of the great physician, and the latter has carved life-size effigies of two Imperial princes who lost their lives in the war with China (1894 95).

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For ten years from this date the relations of sultan and pasha remained in the forefront of the questions which agitated the diplomatic world.

Castile, by its geographical position as the centre of Spain from Cantabria to the Sierra Morena, was the forefront of the struggle with the Moors.

She dropped to her knees, the vision of Logan's faceless body forefront in her thoughts.

Lyell again was in the forefront of the progressive movement, and his work on The Antiquity of Man, published in 1863, gave currency for the first time to the new opinions.

Founded as a home for the new religious opinions of the 6th century, it has ever been in the forefront of German universities in liberally accepting new ideas.

In 1887, under the leadership of Dr Adler, the socialist party began to revive (the party of violence having died away), and since then it has steadily gained in numbers; in the forefront of the political programme is put the demand for universal suffrage.

The answer he wanted to give lingered at the forefront of his tongue.