Sentence Examples with the word forceps

While the coin is being moved the hanger D is held firmly by the forceps E to prevent the pan from being pushed sideways.

After about a second from the time of the final release of the beam, the forceps E again close and the hanger D is held firmly in its new position.

Prominent paired limbs are often borne on the tenth segment, the elongate tail-feelers (cerci) of bristle-tails and may-flies, or the forceps of earwigs, for example.

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In at least one genus the unjointed pincers of the forceps are preceded, in the youngest instar by jointed cerci.

The cerci in Japyx are not, as usual, jointed feelers, but strong, curved appendages forming a forceps as in earwigs.

In the vast majority of the Dermaptera the cerci are - in the adult insect at least - stout, unjointed appendages forming a strong forceps (fig.

The forceps are then opened and the beam released, but at this moment the levelling bar F is allowed to drop momentarily by a bent lever G acting on the pin G', until the ends of F press down on a stirrup in each hanger at H, H.