Sentence Examples with the word for the moment

In 1650 he was sent against Montrose, who was defeated and captured by Major Strachan, Leslie's advanced guard commander; and later in the year, all parties having for the moment combined to support Charles II., Leslie was appointed to the -chief command of the new army levied for the purpose on behalf of Charles II.

He must remember that the historian should not write as the dramatist does to charm or excite his audience for the moment (ii.

It was by no means his last encounter with Norman traitors, but for the moment the victory gave him an assured position.

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The revolt of Nadir Mirza had, as before explained, drawn the shahs attention to Khorasan in the early part of his reign; but, although quiet had for the moment been restored at Meshed by the presence of the royal camp, fresh grounds of complaint were urged against the rash but powerless prince, and recourse was had to extreme measures.

The Metz forts, though neither sufficiently armed nor even completely finished in some cases, were nevertheless, with their deep ditches and self-protecting bastion trace, far too formidable for any field army to attempt without the aid of a siege train of some 200 guns, which for the moment were not available.

If we lay aside for the moment all the minor irregularities, we find, upon examination of a geological map of England, two structural features of outstanding importance.

Vergniaud made a brilliant extemporaneous reply, and the attack for the moment failed.

As each bard of each bardic family celebrates his favourite god he is apt to make him for the moment the pre-eminent deity of all.

And throughout, wherever the survival from 1843, the identity bug-bear, is for the moment got rid of in what is really a more liberal conception, the statical doctrine is developed in a brilliant and informing manner.

It is not the man that throws a stone who is its real mover: the supreme agent has for the moment created motion.