Sentence Examples with the word for sale

In Italy mannite is prepared for sale in the shape of small cones resembling loaf sugar in shape, and is frequently prescribed in medicine instead of manna.

He anonymously offered a quantity of the metal for sale at an instrument-maker's shop, issuing an advertisement in which some of its main properties were described.

The porcelains of Arita were carried to the neighboring town of Imari for sale and shipment.

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The only one of these that need be noticed is that which provides that after the market is opened for public use every person, other than a licensed hawker, who shall sell or expose for sale in any place within the district, except in his own dwelling-place or shop, any articles in respect of which tolls are authorized to be taken shall be liable to a penalty.

When mushrooms are gathered for sale by persons unacquainted with the different species mistakes are of frequent occurrence.

A real estate sign advertising a house for sale peeped out from tall grass beside the road.

All public sources of water-supply such as streams, pumps, wells, reservoirs, conduits, aqueducts and works used for the gratuitous supply of water to the inhabitants of the district are vested in the council, who may cause all such works to be maintained and plentifully supplied with pure and wholesome water for the gratuitous use of the inhabitants, but not for sale by them.

Market gardening is carried on, large quantities of fruit and flowers being grown for sale in Manchester.

Gold and silk embroidery, filigree work, morocco and richly-braided jackets are produced for home use and for sale in Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Licenses for sale of Tumbeki, a variety of Persian tobacco used for the narghile, T2046.