Sentence Examples with the word for instance

Sometimes, as for instance during the insurrection of Zebrzydowski, Skarga intervened personally in politics, and on the side of order and decency, for his loyalty to the crown was as unquestionable as his devotion to the Church.

The bracts are usually scale-like, but sometimes foliaceous, as for instance in Calystegia, where they are large and envelop the calyx.

Many trees have been introduced and considerable plantations made, as for instance on the slopes between Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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Over his son was, indeed, far greater than is commonly supposed, and it accounts for much in Charles XII.'s character which is otherwise inexplicable, for instance his precocious reserve and taciturnity, his dislike of everything French, and his inordinate contempt for purely diplomatic methods.

There are many Christian converts (chiefly Anglicans and Wesleyans) and Muslims. In the Northern areas are some Muslim tribes, as for instance the Susu.

Since then special laws have hampered development, some provinces, as for instance Sardinia, being allowed to manufacture for their own consumption but not for export.

Certain free mobile cells within the body, such as blood-leucocytes, as well as others which are fixed, as for instance the endothelium of the hepatic capillaries, have the property of seizing upon some kinds of particulate matter brought within their reach.

Sand may be taken as the predominating deposit on the continental shelves, often with a large admixture of remains of calcareous organisms, for instance the deposits of marl made up of nullipores off the coasts of Brittany and near Belle Isle.

They declare their readiness to adapt the law of the synagogue to the law of the land, as for instance in the question of marriage and divorce.

In some trades, for instance the silk trade, women earn little more than lod.