Sentence Examples with the word for example

It is the only one which Mahommedanism enjoins; but the doctors of the law recommend a considerable number of voluntary fasts, as for example on the tenth day of the month Moharram.

Have also been developed in later periods of ecclesiastical history, as for example by the Priscillianists and the Bogomils, and also since the Reformation by Jacob Boehme, Menno Simons and a small fraction of the Anabaptists.

The Pharisees themselves could not but see that their principles were politically impotent; the most scrupulous observance of the Sabbath, for example - and this was the culminating point of legality - could not thrust back the heathen.

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On this differentiation of styles rests the whole aesthetics of chamber-music; but the subject is very subtle, and there is much, as for example in Schubert's quartets and his C major quintet, that is inspired by orchestral ideas without in the least vitiating the chamber-music style; though, judged by its appearance on paper, it seems as unorthodox as the notoriously orchestral beginnings of Mendelssohn's quartet in D and quintet in B.

The disciplinary decisions of the council of Nicaea, for example (can.

In a few other cases, for example at San Giorgio Maggiore, the fallen campanili were restored; but for the most part they were not replaced.

By far the most frequent and important of the religious ceremonies is that of baptism (masbutha), which is called for in a great variety of cases, not only for children but for adults, where consecration or purification is required, as for example on all Sundays and feast days, after contact with a dead body, after return from abroad, after neglect of any formality on the part of a priest in the discharge of his functions.

The groups inhabit areas near man, for example town centers or industrial complexes, and are reliant on him for food and shelter.

Sometimes reagents are placed in the combustion tube, for example lead oxide (litharge), which takes up bromine and sulphur.

Munificent gifts have from time to time assisted in the extension of its scope, as for example that of Sir Thomas Elder (d.