Sentence Examples with the word footnote

He took up the cause of the deposed king Mataafa with extreme ardour, and he wrote a book, A Footnote to History: Eight Years of Trouble in Samoa (1892), in the endeavour to win over British sympathy to his native friends.

A footnote (1743) explained away the allusion by making it apply to Richard Brome, the disciple of Ben Jonson.

Herein the systematic place of the species, as akin to the 1 Cuvier in the second edition of his Regne Animal only referred to it in a footnote (i.

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See Robert Louis Stevenson, A Footnote to History (London, 1892), and Vailima Letters (London, 1895); G.

Dogmatic Theology, and the footnote above.

P. 134, footnote I; Nowack, Heb.

In A Footnote to History R.

The king afterwards dedicated his car to the god, and another I For this name see footnote to Shapur.

It was given about the end of the 18th century as based on some experiments, but with a footnote stating that little reliance could be placed on it.

If he adopted ideas then in the air, whether of Anabaptist or other origin (see p. 706, footnote 1), he did so as seeing them in Scripture.