Sentence Examples with the word foothill

Mining is only of slight importance, small quantities of coal and iron-ore being extracted in the Alpine foothill region; graphite is found near Miihldorf.

To the north of these mountains, stretching towards the Danube, is the Alpine foothill region, composed partly of terraces and partly of swelling undulations, of which the most important is the Hausruckwald.

Above sea-level), the Fuschl-see (2095 ft.), the Hinter-see (2580 ft.), the Ober-Trumer-see and Nieder-Trumer-see are all situated in the Alpine foothill region.

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All about and inter-penetrating the foothill and sand-hill regions are the prairies, which include three-fourths of the state.

The foremost foothill of the range is the steep crag of Mons Titanus, crowned by the towers of the republic of San Marino.