Sentence Examples with the word football

Many were distant enough to be the size of her fist, while those closer were the size of football stadiums.

Such progress has proved elusive in the football league cup.

Yeomen were bidden to practise archery, to which they much preferred football and golf.

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Rugby football is upheld by such notable teams as Blackheath and Richmond.

Neither baseball nor football was available at the small Ouray High School.

She was able to breathe easier when she stood outside the massive fortress that sat on a clearing the size of two football fields.

Farther south lies the King's Park, chiefly devoted to golf, cricket, football and curling, and containing also a race-course.

Professional association football teams are maintained locally in several parts of London, and much popular interest is taken in their matches.

You shouldn't talk that way about your football team.

The only thing you watch on TV is football and the last 'book' you read was a bicycle magazine.