Sentence Examples with the word foot

Mountain areas of io,000 acres and upwards, largely covered with moorland, upon nearly imper meable rocks with few water-bearing fissures, yield in temperate climates, towards the end of the driest seasons, and therefore solely from underground, between a fifth and .a quarter of a cubic foot per second per 1000 acres.

When a proposal was set on foot to bring about a reconciliation between the Roman Church and the Christian Churches of the East, the Abbe Duchesne endeavoured to show that the union of those churches was possible under the Roman supremacy, because unity did not necessarily entail uniformity.

Cardiidae.-Mantle slightly closed; siphons very short surrounded by papillae which often bear eyes; foot very long.

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The broad molars are either bluntly tuberculated or transversely ridged; the outer side of the hind part of the lower jaw has a deep pocket; and the hind-limbs are generally very long, with the structure of the foot similar to that of the bandicoots.

But Geneva was in no sense one of the great cities of the region, though it is mentioned in the Antonine Itinerary and in the Peutinger Table (both 4th century A.D.), no doubt owing to its important position on the bank of the Rhone, which then rose to the foot of the hill on which the original city stood.

He steadily opposed whatever might encourage the admission of Catholics to the national universities, and so put his foot down on Newman's project to open a branch house of the Oratory at Oxford with himself as superior.

NEUENAHR, a spa of Germany, in the Prussian Rhine province, situated at the foot of a basalt peak, in the pleasant valley of the Ahr, io m.

Darkness engulfed me as I felt his foot kick my side repeatedly.

His foot pressed harder on the accelerator and the car jumped forward.

Evans, Through Bosnia and Herzegovina on Foot (London, 1876); and W.