Sentence Examples with the word fontenoy

The peace of Aix-la-Chapelle (1748), which ended the war of the Austrian Succession, brought no gains to France in spite of her victories at Fontenoy and Raucoux; and the king was blamed for the diplomatic failure.

At the battle of Fontenoy (1745) Ferguson fought in the ranks throughout the day, and refused to leave the field, though ordered to do so by his colonel.

He served in Germany and the Low Countries as aide-de-camp to General (Lord) Ligonier, and was present at Dettingen, Fontenoy and Roucoux.

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When the elder Louis died in 840 and his eldest son Lothair claimed the whole Empire, Louis in alliance with his half-brother, king Charles the Bald, defeated Lothair at Fontenoy on the 25th of June 841.

The serious attacks of the pirates in any part of the empire distant from their own lands begin about the time of the battle of Fontenoy between Louis' sons (A.D.

Serving with the French armies he distinguished himself in the campaigns of 1 74 2, 1 743 and 1744, and at the battle of Fontenoy in 1745, retiring to Bagnolet in 1 757, and occupying his time with theatrical performances and the society of men of letters.

A decisive battle was fought at Fontenoy on the 25th of June 841, when, in spite of his personal gallantry, Lothair was defeated and fled to Aix.

His lectures at Fontenoy have been published in two volumes entitled Lecons de psychologie appliquee a l'education, and Lecons de morale; those delivered at the Sorbonne are collected in L'Education dans l'universite (1892).

The victory of Dettingen (1743) and the glorious defeat of Fontenoy (1ii45) had achieved no objects worthy of English intervention, and the peace of Aix-la- Chapelle put an end in 1748 to hostilities which should never have been begun.