Sentence Examples with the word follow up

We constantly longed to follow up on our endeavors and make sure what Howie discovered was brought to a positive conclusion.

I owed a follow up call to both Ethel Reagan at the Boston newspaper and Agnes Delanco, at After.

He looked at his watch, aware he had a morning packed with activities to follow up on.

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In the Eulerian method the attention is fixed on a particular point of space, and the change is observed there of pressure, density and velocity, which takes place during the motion; but in the Lagrangian method we follow up a particle of fluid and observe how it changes.

It was...interesting, interesting to see how you guys follow up all the details.

I didn't want to follow up that line of conversation.

I explained my tip to the FBI and my follow up extended conversation with Agent Brennan.

You'll get tips from us and follow up on them the same as any tips.

Luciano Doria fell in the battle, and the Genoese, who had suffered severely, did not at once follow up their success.

Searching for risk factors in such groups would require a meticulous follow up of large cohorts.