Sentence Examples with the word folklore

Krohn's report to the London Folklore Congress of 1891).

Cool, With the Dutch in the East (Amsterdam and London, 1897), in Dutch and English, is a narrative of the events sketched above, and contains many particulars about the folklore and dual religions of Lombok, which, with Bali, forms the last stronghold of Hinduism east of Java.

The native folklore and poetry of the Albanians can hardly compare with that of the neighbouring nations in originality and beauty.

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His views on the connexion between magic and mythology are explained in 19.133 and 17.305; those on folklore are described in 10.601.

Also the flying serpents of Israelitish folklore in Isa.

Kutzo-Vlach tales and folklore will be found in G.

Holda, who is known only from the folklore of later times, appears to have been a German counterpart of Nerthus.

Thus Sisyphus fettered Death, keeping him prisoner till rescued by Ares; in Venetian folklore Beppo ties him up in a bag for eighteen months; while in Sicily an innkeeper corks him up in a bottle, and a monk keeps him in his pouch for forty years.

The only review devoted to the study of folklore is the Sazatoare, founded in 1892.

Jacob Grimm, in the first paragraph of c. 37 of his Deutsche Mythologie, writing with his own fellow-countrymen in view, has commended Pliny for condescending, in the midst of his survey of the sciences of botany and zoology, to tell of the folklore of plants and animals, and has even praised him for the pains that he bestowed on his style.