Sentence Examples with the word fold

The posterior patagium, the fold between trunk and inner surface of the upper arm, is stretched by the metapatagialis muscle, which is composed of slips from the serratus, superficialis, latissimus dorsi and the expansor secundariorum muscles.

The body is indistinctly segmented, and is enveloped in a fold of the integument, usually with calcareous plates.

This universalism is not simply spiritual; the external element, presupposed in the Synoptists as that of the Jewish church within which Jesus' earthly life was spent, is here that of the now separate Christian community: He has other sheep not of this fold - them also He must bring, there will be one fold, one shepherd; and His seamless tunic, and Peter's net which, holding every kind of fish, is not rent, are symbols of this visible unity.

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The transverse fold of the hind-wing is towards the tip, about two-thirds of the wing-length from the base.

It is the well-known peculiarity of this order that the female has a pouch or fold of skin upon her abdomen, in which she can place the young for suckling within reach of her teats.

Frequently the margins of the carpels, which fold in to the centre, split there into two lamellae, each of which is curved outwards and projects into the FIG.

With pendulums of shorter length, say metres, it is necessary to have a multiplication 80 to too fold by a double system of very light levers, in order to render the extremely slight tilting of their support perceptible.

Close to a transverse fold near the base of the wing, the median nervure divides into branches which extend to the wing-margin; there is a second transverse fold near the tip of the wing, and cross nervures are altogether wanting.

Homomorphic fold mountains.

A man that strong wouldn't fold to her wishes if some part of him didn't want her.