Sentence Examples with the word foggy

The bay is open to the south, and is dangerous to navigators, as in foggy weather it has been frequently mistaken for the entrance to Waterford Harbour.

Damian appeared, a fragmented vision, as if the vamp had been peering through a foggy window.

It has also been found that in foggy and misty weather suitable colour screens are of assistance.

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No doubt he knew he was being manipulated, but his brain was foggy enough that he wasn't sure what to do about it.

Owing to this he had spent the winter of 1860 in Algeria, and every subsequent winter he had to be very careful and confine himself to the house, especially in damp and foggy weather.

Owing to the influence of the raw, foggy Sea of Okhotsk, the climate is very cold.

The sound of horse's hoofs approaching at a trot along the line of hussars was heard, and out of the foggy darkness the figure of a sergeant of hussars suddenly appeared, looming huge as an elephant.

Rostov could see nothing, peer as he would into that foggy distance: now something gleamed gray, now there was something black, now little lights seemed to glimmer where the enemy ought to be, now he fancied it was only something in his own eyes.

Minnesota has the characteristic climate of the North Central group of states, with a low mean annual temperature, a notably rarefied atmosphere that results in an almost complete absence of damp foggy weather, and an unusual dryness which during the rather long winters considerably neutralizes the excessive cold.

Favoured with a dark and foggy night the party of 150 men and a guide reached the first ledge of rock undiscovered.