Sentence Examples with the word fog

Red fog filled the air around him.

A confused action in a fog ended in the capture of 2 Spanish line-of-battle ships.

She needed control of her own mind back, but the feverish fog was too thick.

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Adrenaline started through her system again, clearing some of the fog in her mind.

During a khamsin the temperature is high and the air extremely dry, while the dust and sand carried by the wind form a thick yellow fog obscuring the sun.

The green fog appeared.

They crossed through the fog to a destination Rhyn had never been before.

A white wisp of fog was the only clue that it was actually warmer than the crisp March morning.

The early morning fog blanketing eastern Pennsylvania was thicker than the frosting on grandma's cake, but no thicker than the early morning fog shrouding David Dean's sleep-deprived brain.

Somewhere in the fog of emotion she felt his hand cup her breast.