Sentence Examples with the word foetid

The insects visit the plant in large numbers, attracted by the foetid smell, and act as carriers of the pollen from one spathe to another.

The inhalation of the fumes of nascent ammonium chloride by filling the room with the gas has been recommended in foetid bronchitis.

Orifice of coxal gland situated just behind that of the foetid gland.

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In East and South Africa there is a genus of Mustelidae known as Ictonyx (Zorilla) which possesses a foetid odour and is warningly coloured with black and white bands after the manner of skunks.

Among the North American species are the foetid or Ohio buckeye, Ae.

Castoreum is a substance contained in two pear-shaped pouches situated near the organs of reproduction, of a bitter taste and slightly foetid odour, at one time largely employed as a medicine, but now used only in perfumery.

Like the skunk, this animal can eject the foetid secretion of the anal glands.