Sentence Examples with the word fodder

It is also largely used for fodder and is an important article of export.

It would be used as winter fodder for the two goats she had kept.

The young shoots of the larch are sometimes given in Switzerland as fodder to cattle.

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Daily and only require water every third or fourth day: in cool weather, with ample green fodder they can go twentyfive days or more without drinking.

Today, monarchies have vanished from much of the world, except as tabloid fodder and tourist attractions.

Slaughtering notably free from epizootic diseases, with a fertile D soil or the growth of fodder crops and pasture, with abundance of pure air and water, and with a plentiful supply of ice, the conditions in Canada are ideal for the dairying industry.

Dactyloides (gama grass) extends northwards to Illinois and Connecticut; it is used for fodder and as an ornamental plant.

The amount of forage that may be produced in this way is enormous; 50,000 to 80,000 lb of green fodder are grown per acre, which makes 8000 to 12,000 lb as field-cured.

On the Karroo are numerous ostrich farms. Lucerne is very largely grown as fodder for the cattle.

In fact such pastures are essential to the inhabitants of pastoral alpine districts, for the fodder to be obtained in the valley itself would not suffice to support the number of cattle which are required to afford sustenance to the inhabitants.