Sentence Examples with the word focusing

He pulled off his sweater then dropped back onto the sparring mat, focusing hard on calming himself down.

It is therefore possible to judge the excellence of the focusing of objectives on the strength of the ocular-magnification, or the over-magnification, which they permit.

Back focal plane of the objective, can be conveniently seen with the naked eye by removing the eyepiece and looking into the tube, or better by focusing a weak auxiliary microscope on the back focal plane of the objective.

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She struggled for control, focusing on the road.

The diamond-shaped pointer is always in focus; focusing for individual eyesight is effected by turning the eye-piece, which is furnished with a scale for readjustment.

She began as she had been taught, focusing on her form.

Gabriel asked, focusing once again on his surroundings.

Jenn tried not to look at him, focusing instead on the scent of cheeseburgers.

Reining in her emotions, she tried to distract her dark thoughts by focusing on Toby.

It ignored her, focusing instead on scratching at a spot of dirt, one of its main food sources.