Sentence Examples with the word focused

Pushing the thought from her mind, she focused on Allen's visit last night.

His gaze focused on her and he looked genuinely surprised.

She darted and danced away, focused on nothing but the two torches marking her chance at freedom.

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Relieved, horrified, she focused on subduing the demon, whose angry pacing in her chest made her want to double over in pain.

In stark contrast to its coverage of the mayor, the media has not focused very much on the workings of the general assembly.

She focused on her food and banged her fork against her plate.

Brandon focused his attention on the food in his plate, his face turning a dark shade of red.

She blocked clumsily at first but ordered herself not to look weak in front of such a man and focused hard.

Xander focused on his first task: figuring out what the fuck was going on.

She cleared her throat and focused on Dustin.