Sentence Examples with the word focus on

She started with a sketch of A'Ran and found she couldn't focus on anything else.

The two achromatic lenses, C and D, bring the rays to a focus on the plane surface of the large lens, E, forming an image there.

He met her gaze and held her eyes, forcing her to focus on him.

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A similar ascertainment bias appears to be present in the exclusive focus on HIV.

When he lifted his head, her thoughts were too addled for her to focus on anything more than the sensations of the body against hers.

She stepped into the clammy, wet world of fog and darkness, pausing to focus on the portal that would lead to her sister.s house.

Xander found himself hesitating before he released his focus on molding his power.

Now that he had a place and knew what the Watchers wanted, he could focus on his next item of business: finding and killing a few Others.

They would have enough on their plate for a while, and waiting would assure that they could focus on the baby.

I want to be able to focus on solving this problem, not worrying about what might be said or done to you.