Sentence Examples with the word focus

They will take advantage of the freedom from financial want that the modern age gives them and will focus on improving themselves and the world they live in.

Scarcity was the new watchword as the focus turned to all the problems of the future, not all the possibilities.

The phagocytes are attracted from the blood vessels and elsewhere towards the noxious focus by the chemiotaxis exerted upon them by the toxins secreted by the bacteria contained within it.

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A focus or directrix is equal to two conditions; hence such problems as: given a focus and three points; a focus, two points and one tangent; and a focus, one point and two tangents are soluble (very conveniently by employing the principle of reciprocation).

As much as he'd loved Lilith, Andre had told him she wasn't meant to be his mate and encouraged him to focus on his duty rather than the woman.

He couldn't focus and strained against whatever held him in place.

Uneasy, he also realized he had to focus on mopping up the rest of his mess in the mortal world, so he could start to address the underworld.

The court at which he grew up was the focus of great activities, for Philip, by war and diplomacy, was raising Youth.

He met her gaze and held her eyes, forcing her to focus on him.

It was a picture taken at the party and the focus was on Carmen and Alex.