Sentence Examples with the word focal length

On the other hand it is not necessary to reset the telescope after each reversal of the segments.4 When Bessel ordered the Konigsberg heliometer, he was anxious to have the segments made to move in cylindrical slides, of which the radius should be equal to the focal length of the object-glass.

These changes may and do arise from the following causes: (i.) The focal length of the object-glass and the length of the tube are affected by temperature.

As the minimum focal length increases with the square of the aperture, a quite impracticable distance would be required to rival the resolving power of a modern telescope.

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The instrument has a focal length of 54 ft.

He found its focal length and hence the refractive index of the gas, C. Hajech (Ann.

By the magnification of the objective is meant the ratio of the distance of distinct vision to the focal length of the objective.

They are placed at a distance apart less than the focal length of a, so that the wires of the micrometer, which must be distinctly seen, are beyond b.

Bradley and Molyneux, having been instructed by Hadley in his methods of polishing specula, succeeded in producing some telescopes of considerable power, one of which had a focal length of 8 ft.; and, Molyneux having communicated these methods to Scarlet and Hearn, two London opticians, the manufacture of telescopes as a matter of business was commenced by them (Smith's Opticks, bk.

Calculation shows that, if the aperture be s in., an achromatic lens has no sensible advantage if the focal length be greater than about II in.

In diameter on the collimator objective, as its focal length is 60 in.