Sentence Examples with the word foal

After breakfast Felipa took Destiny and Jonathan to see a new foal that was born during the night.

She gazed at the foal again.

For Carmen, the name seemed perfect, as the new foal came at the beginning of a new life for her.

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She needed to give the foal a name, but nothing came to mind.

The StudBook, although silent as to the date of his birth, says he was a common country stallion in Lincolnshire until Partner was six years old - and we know from the same authority that Partner was foaled in 1718; we may therefore conclude that Jigg was a later foal than Basto, who, according to Whyte's History of the Turf, was a brown horse foaled in 1703.

Most mares foal at night, but I think it may happen within a few hours.

Several limes in the old garden had been cut down and a piebald mare and her foal were wandering in front of the house among the rosebushes.

I think she's ready to foal and it looks like a storm is brewing out there.

The foal was feeling frisky and kicking up its heels.

I have a mare; and we have a five-year-old mare with a colt, a four year-old filly, and a two-year-old filly... oh, and my mare is going to foal again in January.