Sentence Examples with the word fo

To the north-west, with the ruins of the habitation of the chief of the tribe, and of the second at Cassibile, fo m.

Though his relations with Pitt began fo be somewhat strained towards the end, he left office on the minister's death on the 21st of January 1806.

Two ordinary congressional sessions are held each year - April 1 to May 31 and September 16 to December 15 - and a permanent committee of 29 members (14 senators and 15 deputies) sits during recess, with the power to confirm executive appointments, to give assent to a mobilization of the national guard, fo convene extra legislative sessions, to administer oaths, and to report at the next session on matters requiring congressional action.

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Unfortunately for himself he secured his return fo parliament as member for Honiton in 1806 and for Westminster in 1807.

Similarly the sulphate yields 5Ag 2 O 2, 2Ag 2 SO 7, silver peroxysulphate, and the fluoride the peroxyfluorides Ag15F3016, Ag 7 FO 8.