Sentence Examples with the word flurry

The flurry of words left before she could temper them.

He reached the guard-packed wall and ducked beside a building as a flurry of arrows broke loose into the kingdom.

Toni was hanging off Xander while Laurencio snapped a flurry of pictures.

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Her shoulders hunched as she awaited the flurry of arrows that struck Sami.

The guardsman attacked with a knife in each hand, his movements a flurry of motion.

The occupant of the large chair in the corner of the living room launched towards her in a flurry of brown and black fur.

Men darted through the hall in a flurry of activity that alarmed him.

He paused for a brief flurry of clapping.

Swords flashing, they sprinted towards her and the center of the city only to be brought down by a flurry of arrows a dozen feet before her.

The encampment was a flurry of activity, and she wondered how much was normal and how much was related to the water.