Sentence Examples with the word fluorspar

Thenard and is best obtained by heating a mixture of the trioxide and fluorspar with concentrated sulphuric acid.

Chem., 1905, 45, p. 35 2); by electrolysis in a bath of fused fluorspar containing a steel cathode and an anode composed of carbon and vanadium pentoxide (M.

The oxyfluoride, Cr02F2, is obtained in a similar manner to the oxychloride by using fluorspar in place of common salt.

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The centre of the fluorspar district was Rosiclare in Hardin county.

Ozone is also emitted by a violet fluorspar from Quincie, dep. Rhone, France.

At that point, however, quartz and even atmospheric air become strongly absorbent and the expensive fluorspar becomes the only medium that can be used.

Again he heated fluorspar with oil of vitriol, as K.

The oxyfluoride, CbOF 3, results when a mixture of the pentoxide and fluorspar is heated in a current of hydrochloric acid.