Sentence Examples with the word fluorine

Soc., 18 94, 6 5, p. 393) obtained fluorine by heating potassium fluorplumbate 3KF HF PbF 4.

It combines directly with fluorine at Ordinary temperature, and with chlorine, bromine and sulphur on heating.

When magnesium is heated in fluorine or chlorine or in the vapour of bromine or iodine there is a violent reaction, and the corresponding halide compounds are formed.

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It does not dissociate on heating as do the pentachloride and pentabromide, thus indicating the existence of pentavalent phosphorus in a gaseous compound; dissociation, however, into the trifluoride and free fluorine may be brought about by induction sparks of 150 to 200 mm.

Nitroxyl fluoride, NO 2 F, is formed by the action of fluorine on nitric oxide at the temperature of liquid oxygen (H.

The process exhibited several disadvantages, the electrolyte had to be kept constant in composition lest either fluorine vapours should be evolved or sodium thrown down, and the raw materials had accordingly to be prepared in a pure state.

Rend., 1900, 130, p. 865) by fractionally distilling the product formed in the direct action of fluorine on sulphur.

Tantalum pentafluoride, TaF5, for a long time only known in solution, may be obtained by passing fluorine over an alloy of tantalum and aluminium, and purifying by distillation in a vacuum.

It is attacked rapidly by fluorine at ordinary temperature, and by chlorine when heated in a current of the gas.

Compounds of fluorine and oxygen, and of bromine and oxygen, have not yet been isolated.