Sentence Examples with the word fluorescent

Fluorescens and a whole group of fluorescent bacteria.

The same happenchance brought us the learning that children in schools with fluorescent lights get fewer cavities than those in schools with incandescent lighting.

They give very steady illumination on fluorescent screens.

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A fluorescent amber is said, however, to occur in some abundance in Southern Mexico.

The fluorescent bands in this case appear to shift rapidly when the period of the incident vibration is altered, though the change may be small.

Stokes to occur in fluorescent bodies.

This theory explains the fluorescence of anthranilic acid (o-aminobenzoic acid), by regarding the aniline residue as the luminophore, and the carboxyl group as the fluorogen, since, apparently, the introduction of the latter into the non-fluorescent aniline molecule involves the production of a fluorescent substance.

A cathode discharge is projected through two small holes in plates in the narrow part of the tube on a fluorescent screen at the end of the enlarged end, and the cathode ray or pencil depicts on it a small bright greenish patch of light.

The GloFish was developed in Singapore in 1999 when Dr. Zhiyuan Gong took a gene called green fluorescent protein (GFP) from a bright green fluorescent jellyfish and inserted it into the embryo of the drab zebrafish.

A tetrabromresorufin is used as a dye-stuff under the name of Fluorescent Resorcin Blue.