Sentence Examples with the word fluent

He was a simple, fluent speaker, and was so successful that in 1767 he was enrolled, by John Wesley himself, as a regular itinerant minister.

With a patience foreign to his impulsive nature, he submitted to minute drill in elocution, and became a fluent extemporaneous speaker.

Though neither a fluent speaker nor bold pleader, in a very few years he was at the head of his profession.

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Such experience would have saved accomplished and fluent Greek writers like Timaeus from many of their blunders (xii.

She uses words precisely and makes easy, fluent sentences.

He was a fluent versifier, and would write 50o verses in one night.

He possessed, however, a strong and fluent genius, which eventually made itself heard in a multitude of volumes, poems, dramas and novels.

We must picture him as a professional storyteller equipped with a mass of miscellaneous reading, a fluent power of narration, and a ready faculty for quoting, or at a push improvising, verses.

More fluent but not less gloomy are the sacred lyrics of Nyeki-Veres first published in 1636 under the Latin title of Tintinnabulum Tripudiantium.

He was not a man of exceptional inteffigence or remarkable powers of organization, but he was a fluent speaker, and could exercise some influence over the masses by a rude kind of native eloquence.