Sentence Examples with the word flowering

Pelargoniums, pinks, monthly roses and all the half-hardy kinds of flowering plants should be planted early, but coleus, heliotrope and the more tender plants should be delayed until the end of the month.

There is no evidence that the Angiospermous flowering plants, now the dominant class, existed during the Palaeozoic period; they do not appear till far on in the Mesozoic epoch, and their earlier history is as yet entirely unknown.

And the great height (13,000 ft.) at which the flowering plants blossom is not less remarkable than the great beauty and abundance of the flowers.

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It is interesting to observe that though deduced exclusively from the study of flowering plants, they are in substantial agreement with those now generally adopted by zoologists, and may therefore be presumed to be on the whole natural.

The grass vegetation is very rich, and, according to lists still incomplete, no fewer than 1654 flowering plants are known.

Darian glimpsed an orchard with flowering trees and emerald grass as he ducked his head through the portal.

He organised extensive magnetical and meteorological observations, and in 1839 he started regular observations of the periodical phenomena of vegetation, especially the flowering of plants.

The great British herbaria the orders and genera of flowering plants are usually arranged according to Bentham and Hooker's Genera plantarum; the species generally follow the arrangement.

The number of different species is estimated at 12,000, of which one-third are phanerogamous,or flowering plants, and two-thirds cryptogamous, or flowerless.

The study of the anatomical features characteristic of the smaller groups of flowering plants, i.e.