Sentence Examples with the word flowered

Jonquilla, with yellow flowers, a native of south Europe and Algeria, of which there are single and double flowered varieties, is also grown in pots for early flowering, but does well outside in a warm border.

Showy pea - flowered plants, the smaller species adapted for rockwork; sandy soil.

There was flowered wallpaper and she was hanging there in the moonlight, twisting in the draft from an open window.

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A broad stream or canal crosses the city from south to north, and forms the principal highway for boat traffic. The main trade of the place is in raw silk, but some silk fabrics, such as flowered crape (chousha), are also manufactured.

She was in her early thirties, overweight, dimpled, and dressed in a flowered shirt and slacks.

Of the detestable Tiptoft he writes that there flowered in.

He had a long, greasy, flowered silk waistcoat next to his sallow, thin bare body, but no shirt.

During the lapse of years many of these stones were picked from their setting, and the silver ceiling of flowered patterns was pillaged by the Mahrattas; but the inlaid work was restored as far as possible by Lord Curzon.

Romas and Evelyn were already several dozen feet down the flowered path.

The chief advantages of retarded plants are: - (a) they may be flowered almost at will; (b) they are readily induced to flower at those times when unretarded plants refuse to respond to forcing.