Sentence Examples with the word flour

Many industries flourish on the outskirts of the town, including rope and net manufactures, flour mills, saw mills, mining railways, paper mills.

It is a shipping and transfer point and has paper mills, machine shops, flour mills, sash, door and blind factories, a launch and pleasure-boat factory, and knitting works, cheese factories and dairies, brick yards and grain elevators.

The industries include brewing, flour milling, and the export of agricultural produce, chiefly corn and cider.

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The offal, which is quite as valuable as the flour itself, was thus retained abroad instead of being utilized for stock-feeding purposes in the United Kingdom.

There are a number of flour mills and jam factories in various centres.

Next in importance among the state's manufactures are lumber and timber, and flour and grist mills.

She rolled the pieces of meat in flour and fried them.

Being one of the centres of production of the famous wheat of the Banat, its flour industry is important.

Its lumber and flour mills are its largest industries, but the following are found: aerated waters and breweries, tent makers, baking-powder manufactories, box manufacturers, brick makers, broom, brushes and carriage makers, cement blocks, manufacturing chemists, chocolate and cigar manufacturers, confectionery, copper plate, cornice makers, engine builders, gas fitters, ink manufacturers, jewelry makers, lime makers, milliners, opticians, paint makers, paper-box makers, photographers, pickle makers, planing mills, pork packers, publishers, pump makers, rubber-stamp makers, sash, door and blind factories, upholsterers, ventilating manufactory, vinegar factories, foundries, wire and fence manufactories.

Salt works, flour mills, canning factories, and the manufacture of type-setting machines are the principal industries.