Sentence Examples with the word flora

The flora of the northern part of Afghanistan approximates to that of the contiguous western Himalaya.

As far as the constituents of its flora are concerned Portugal is not very dissimilar from Spain, but their distribution is peculiar.

Australasia had then as now a peculiar flora of its own, though the former wide dispersal of the Proteaceae and Myrtaceae, and also the large number of Amentaceae then found in Australia, make the Eocene plants of Europe and Australia much less unlike than are the present floras.

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See also the Twelfth Census of the United States (Washington, 1901-1902); Silas Farmer, Michigan Book: a State Cyclopaedia with Sectional County Maps (Detroit, 1901); Bela Hubbard, Memorials of a Half-Century (New York, 1887), a well written account of observations, chiefly upon scenery, fauna, flora and climate; Webster Cook, Michigan: its History and Government (New York, 1905), written primarily for use in schools and containing a reference bibliography; A.

Disguised in female attire and aided by a passport obtained by the devoted Flora Macdonald, he passed through Skye and parted from his gallant conductress at Portree.

Cecidia and Galls.Khstcr, Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Gallenanatomie, Flora (I900), p. 117; Pathologische Pflanzenanatomie (1903); Molliard, Revue generate de bat.

At the herbarium in Brussels are the specimens obtained by the traveller Karl Friedrich Philipp von Martius, the majority of which formed the groundwork of his Flora Brasiliensis.

Rose Tisdale first sighted the blue car circling the block and called Flora Watkins.

Apart from the occurrence of Cycas, the Asiatic character of the Polynesian flora is illustrated by the distribution of Meliaceae.

The revision of the Australian species by Bentham well exhibits the wide range of the genera of the order in a flora generally so peculiar and restricted as that of Australia.