Sentence Examples with the word flooring

The height of pier from edge of flooring to spring of arch; was 28.7 ft., the spring of the arch being about the surface-level of maximum flood.

The wood is very white, and, from its soft and even grain, is employed by turners and toy-makers, while, being tough and little liable to split, it is also serviceable for the construction of packing cases, the lining of carts and waggons, and many similar purposes; when thoroughly seasoned it makes good flooring planks, but shrinks much in drying, weighing about 58 lb per cubic foot when green, but only 331 lb when dry.

Below its bed, or by spreading out the foundations above and below the bridge, so as to form one broad water-tight flooring - a system practised with eminent success by Sir Arthur Cotton in Southern India.

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The size of each dwelling is in some cases marked by boards resting edgeways on the platform, like the skirting boards over the flooring of the rooms in a modern house.

This space is filled with a flooring of reinforced concrete, resting on the two arches, and carrying the central roadway.

Road bridges vary so much in the character of the flooring that no general rule can be given.

All trees were long little thought of in comparison with the pine, but of late years poplar and spruce have proved of great value in the making of paper pulp, and hard-wood (oak, beech, ash, elm, certain varieties of maple) is becoming increasingly valuable for use in flooring and the making of furniture.

The cost of abutments and bridge flooring is practically independent of the length of span adopted.

As originally designed, the flooring of the barrage from up-stream to downstream face was 111.50 ft.

Bridges would then be designed for these selected loads, and the process would be safer in dealing with flooring girders and shearing forces than the assumption of a uniform load.