Sentence Examples with the word floored

She floored the car's accelerator, closed her eyes, and prayed she hit him.

His simple, earnest response and the conviction on his face floored her.

His self-assurance floored her.

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The resolution in his voice floored her.

Beneath each food-groove was a radial water-vessel and probably a nerve and blood-vessel, all which structures passed either between certain regularly arranged thecal plates, or along a furrow floored by those plates, which were then in two alternating series.

Beyond them was a crude wooden floored arena hedged by rows of shouting people.

His words floored her.

The confidence with which he spoke floored her.

The idea of him being vulnerable to anyone floored her.

In every other part the surface is hilly or mammilated, the harder rocks, such as granite or greenstone, rising as rounded knobs, or in the case of schists forming narrow ridges, while the softer parts form valleys generally floored with lakes.