Sentence Examples with the word flooded

Warmth flooded her face and she tore her gaze from his.

Relief flooded her as she saw the police tape around the area where she'd found the body.

Confusion flooded Cynthia's mind, drowning her in doubt and questions.

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Where the marsh is open and grassy, flooded only at high tides or in rainy seasons, and the ground firm enough to bear cattle, it is used as range.

Most statistical tables are parchingly dry in the reading; not so in the present case, however, where the reader is flooded with whole pipes, barrels, quarts, and gills of good gin and good cheer.

Alarms were sounding, and lights flooded the river and area around it.

The sun flooded in through the still-open drapes, announcing that the violent storm of the night before had fled out to sea.

In the rainy season this valley becomes a sea, flooded by the discharge of the Khanega; in summer the Arabs dig holes here which supply them with brackish water.

One was that it was lighted from some unseen source; for no sun or moon was in the arched blue sky, although every object was flooded with a clear and perfect light.

It forms the western boundary of the province of Gujarat, and when flooded during the rains unites the Gulfs of Cutch and Cambay, and converts the territory of Cutch into an island.